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15 Common Bra problems solved

1.Cup problems: For Squished up cupsstuff butter paper balls behind cups so the pads stay well in shape or line them up neatly one behind another

2. Washing Bra’s: try and read the care label and follow it, handwashing your lingerie is best preferably with cold water.

3. Picking the right bra style: how to pick bra’s that work well, look good and feel good, brand awareness, get educated about what brands are available for you locally as well as online,see which one you identify most with, cost wise, style wise,fit wise try a few brands, and see what works half cup, full cup, padded wired or non wired- It all depends on your breast size , a bigger bust needs bigger cups, demi cup can suit any body type so can a padded bra, smaller breasts look nicer with padding

4. Spilling from your sides or front: try a broader band or if the cups are too small try bigger cups to avoid spill out.

5. When to wear sports bra: Sports bra’s are worn under t-shirts, tank tops, while working out, running or doing outdoor activities not only do they fit well they look great too

6. Under-wire poking or leaving marks on yourchest:It’s probably because the bra’s too tight or a small size, this is a serious concern and can cause cancer too so best to avoid wearing anything that is not your proper size.

7. Colours: What colour bra’s suit under which clothes, bright coloured bra’s go well with basics, shirts, dresses, and t-shirts, basic coloured bra’s like beige,white and black go well under blacks, blues, maroon’s and other dark shades, full length dresses and other formal wear.

8. Never stuff your bra with tissue or any external fabric on your own, always buy a padded bra, double pads are available, in different styles with lace, trimmings and pretty embellishments.

9.Strap problems: Tighten up your straps properly, make sure at least 2 fingers can slide under the straps to avoid any unnecessary strap falling or being too tight leaving marks on your body.

10. Colour fading: do not use harsh detergent on your delicate lingerie, wash in cold water if possible, do not machine wash or dry clean unless totally necessary

11. Will bold colours suit me? It doesn’t matter if your fat or short, medium or large colours are for all!!

12. How many bra’s do we require- it all depends on your needs but there are 7 days in a week, one for each day, and maybe something fancy for the weekend depending on your schedule or party plans so let’s say at least 5 basics and minimum 2 fancy

13. Are padded bra’s bad for you? -No, unless you wear unclean lingerie or wear it longer than necessary

14. Big bust problems- don’t worry about the size wear a big bra, don’t be ashamed never try to squish into a smaller bra’s.

15. Where and how to buy your perfect inner wear, check out blogs for updates, your local department store, newly launched brands and other available brands at shopping malls.

Always ready to play strip poker!

Ready to play strip poker ???or are we shy and tame!

Girls always keep your best game on, are you ready to play strip poker anytime, anywhere??? If not you need to be! And why not, strip poker is a fun game and we all need a good laugh, what are you wearing? Are you 30 on the outside and 80 inside?? Or the other way around ;)

Always have your game on! And why the hell not! Wear your attitude and show it off!!Remember you are no less than any super model on the inside!!! Size isn’t important its always the attitude so have a good one and be ready to play strip poker anytime!

Wear sexy, lacy, or a sporty bra,wear thongs, boyfriend shorts, lace underwear or a seamless panty whatever suits you and be ready to show it off party and play!!!


What’s your favourite fantasy fiction depending on your choice of bra

Susan Storm- Jessica Alba

You are water! Fluid,flexi and can melt your way into people’s hearts

Hermione Granger from Harry potter

Underneath your high IQ and miss know it all there’s a soft girl who can fall in love with her best friend

Mary Poppins

Most wonderful and exciting character with magical abilities, impeccable and wonderful !

Nancy drew

Teenage amateur detective smart resourceful and independent

10 ways to make em’ juju on the dance floor

  • Black, bold, Swarovski, lace or hot pink shake that booty with a little swing, be it Friday night or Saturday wear it, dress it, bring back that sexy frame
  • Dance the night away, make it hot, feel the vibe and get it right
  • Rose purple bra and matching teal panty sure to get you in the groove
  • Wear red and feel the blood on the dance floor, be the lady in red with some red red wine
  • Legally pink! A girl just needs some pink to make a dream, dress it up, funk it up, glam it up, doll it up and keep on danccccing!!!
  • Just be wow, with this glamourous pink lace lingerie and kill it on the dance floor!

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Where to find the best lingerie in India

These days the best way to find lingerie is online

You will find end number of blogs, online portals and online brands offering an array of the best lingerie available with all the information you will need to shop online! It’s easy, economical, and fun too!

Another way to buy lingerie is going yourself to either a local department store or mall nearby to try it on and shop the brand of your style

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